Empower Astrology. Reclaim your Power. Transform your life.

Astrology has been my Passion for years. I’m happy to share my views and musings on the current Cosmic Trends and more.

I use a mixture of Psychological and Karmic (Evolutionary) Astrology and coaching in my Horoscope Readings based on your Personal Horoscope and current transits.

Astrology for Self-Empowerment will empower you to change your universe and become what you want to be.For you personally, your relationship (Synastry reading) or a mixture of both.

We will analyze and interpret your natal chart to help you make positive transformations in your life. Helping you too,

Create the future you want,
Overcome self-defeating subconscious programming,
Create a life that is richer in every way.

Consultation Readings,

First time consultation:

75 min Price: 150 Euros (160 US§).

Both with natal horoscope, recording and Astro report with transits.
90 min reading includes main themes of the moment in the Astro report.

Further consultations,
75 mins Price: 120 Euros (130 US§)

I require your date of birth,place of birth and birth time when known.
And if possible write to me about your main questions that you have .
Payment Pay Pal .

By Telephone. WhatsApp, Viber, messenger, Skype or Facetime. Within Europe landline possible.
Or if preferred, just a written reading, is possible too.

I also speak fluent German.

Drop me a line for questions and further information here :


Or send me a message on Facebook here:

Empower Astrology Facebook






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  1. I love your blog on the eclipse! thank you so much~


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