Full Moon in Aries,1st October 2020. Reignite Your Passion!

Full Moon in Aries, 1st October 2020 at 9 degrees. Reignite Your Passion!
This powerful full moon in Aries has all the potential to reignite our passion, courage, self-confidence and renew our vitality. Overcoming any last hurdles and breaking the deadlock of the limiting and restricting Mars Square Saturn aspect will suddenly be so much easier now.

Saturn in Capricorn direct Sept 28th 2020. Success is just within reach!

Saturn in Capricorn direct, September 28th 2020. Success is just within reach! Saturn stations direct on the 28th September 2020 after a four month retrograde period. Yet another positive celestial event just two weeks after Jupiter in Capricorn also stationed direct. However, there are two things that marks this event as out of the ordinary…